Do you know the flight modes of your radio control transmitter?

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In Continental Europe, America, and most parts of Africa and Asia, cars are built with the wheel on the left side, and they run on the right side of the road. On the other hand, in the United Kingdom, throughout Oceania, and in some Asian (such as India and Japan) and southern African countries, vehicles are disposed with the wheel on the right side, and run on the left side of the road. It’s a well-known fact.


Maybe it is less clear for those who are not familiar with the aeronautic world that something quite similar happens with radio controls used by drones: depending on the manufacturer, they can have four different modes, simply named after numbers: mode 1, mode 2, mode 3 and mode 4. Differences between them are as follows:




In mode 1, the one used mostly in the US, throttle and aileron are on the right stick, whereas elevator (in other words, movement on the vertical axis) and rudder, that is, movement on the horizontal axis, are on the left side.


In mode 2, which is primarily employed in Europe, throttle and rudder are on the left, and elevator and aileron on the right.




Modes 3 and 4 are “reversed modes”, and have become practically obsolete.


Mode 3 is “reversed” mode 2: on the left, elevator and aileron; on the right, throttle and rudder.


Finally, mode 4 is “reversed” mode 1: throttle and aileron are placed on the left side, and elevator and rudder on the right side.


Do you find it difficult to explain? Well, you can imagine what can happen if you have to pilot a drone in a mode you are not used to. Obviously, the risk of accident will be pretty high.


This is the reason why, in order to promote the good use of drones, Airk radios can be set in any mode: they can suit the four modes you can find in the four corners of the world.


So, when you borrow a drone, don’t forget to ask in what mode it is set. And in case it is not the mode you are used to fly with, change it to make sure you will be able to pilot it the best you can!


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