Airk drones are now available at three international distributers

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Do you want to get an Airk drone? Maybe an FC4, as you are a pilot in its first steps? Would a 6-motor FC6 be better? Or perhaps you are an advanced user, and what you most wish is an Octocopter FC8 or an OctoQuad FC4r? Whatever is your favorite, the four Airk drones models are now available at three stores with international distribution, located in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.


The stores where you can purchase Airk drones are:







The features of the different Airk drone models are as follows:


Quadcopter Airk FC4 (4 motors) is the lightest and smallest model, for those who want to get started in the drones’ world. It is also the most affordable one. Great to learn how to fly, and to perform fantastic acrobatics.


On Hexacopter Airk FC6 (6 arms) you can dock a camera and record between 15 and 20 minutes of one-off images with the recommended setup. It would be the appropriate drone for advanced amateurs, with the best ratio size/features.


Octocopter Airk FC8 is the biggest and strongest model, with 8 engines distributed in 8 arms, which allows an impressing stability. It is able to hold big wind gusts, and it can self-correct its path. It can fly up to half an hour with a 16000mAh battery, and it is the optimal drone for video professionals.


Finally, for those uses in which agility is more important than stability, OctoQuad Airk FC4r is a drone with 8 engines as well, but distributed in 4 arms. Its surface is consequently half of Octocopter’s volume. It’s a more “jittery” model, but faster and more agile, which makes it perfect for maintenance duties.


Airk, a pioneer in the 8-engine light models


“In our category, we are pioneers in the 8-engine models, FC4r and FC8. We have achieved two highly-optimized devices in performance, agility and stability”, points out David Matanzas, CEO of the company.


Nevertheless, for the manufacturing of the four models, Airk has worked with optimum components and with the most prestigious brands, in order to obtain a high-quality and high-performance product.


In addition, the assembly of the drones is “do it yourself “; drones are also highly customizable, allowing a wide range of applications, and they are the only ones in the market where 60% of the assembly guidelines (placing of the engines, sense of rotation, arms placing, etc.) are built-in in the chassis itself of the drone, allowing a simpler and more intuitive assembly compared to similar devices.


Finally, Airk makes publicly available the 2D plans of the main anchorage areas, in order to foster the development of open accessories, and is creating shortly a gallery of 3D accessories, so that everyone can share their inventions, as well as downloading other people’s.


What is your Airk model?


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